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Mun2's ‘The Chicas Project' Goes to Washington

Crash and Yasmin, the young stars of Mun2's highly rated
reality show The Chicas Project, will
take to the road for the series' fourth season.

Season four of Chicas
will premiere on July 9 and culminate in Washington,
D.C., where Crash and Yasmin will bring a
message to the president of the Congressional Hispanic Caucus Institute.

Over the course of 11 episodes, the show's stars and
producers will travel cross-country collecting video footage of Latinos voicing
their thoughts and concerns on topics running the gamut from immigration to
politics, the economy and the environment. Armed with the interviews, the girls
will present their findings on Capitol Hill during the Sept. 24 series finale.

Viewers can still expect plenty of non-activist
entertainment throughout the itinerant season, including a ski lesson and a day
of Mariachi tutoring in Los Angeles;
rodeo and dating in Austin, Texas;
and a photo shoot with a norteño band
in Chicago.

To help promote the July 9 launch, Mun2 -- available in 30.6
million U.S. households -- has partnered with famous Hollywood landmark Pink's
Hot Dogs and taco joint Joselitos for a taco vs. hot dog faceoff, in which
Crash and Yasmin attempt to find out which food item Los Angeles prefers.

Crash, a rocker from L.A., will be manning a Pink Taco
Truck, while Yasmin, originally from Queens, N.Y., will staff the hot dog truck
to see who can most quickly give away all of the food in their vehicle.

sponsors for season four include Toyota, T-Mobile, Maybelline and In Style.