mtvU, MSN, BU Visit Roller Palace

MTV Networks’ 24-hour college service is letting students get involved in programming.

RollerPalace -- a comedy pilot entirely created and produced by students of Boston University's film and television department and the School of Theatre Arts at the College of Fine Arts -- will premiere Thursday night at the Arclight Cinemas in Los Angeles.

The series is the product of a union between mtvU, Microsoft Corp.’s MSN and BU.

mtvU said BU students used MSN technology, including “MSN Messenger,” while casting, developing, shooting and editing the pilot, and they organically integrated the MSN brand into the final project.

The network said RollerPalace “is about a pampered Manhattan debutante whose father has just been jailed for insider trading and whose mother is planning to marry her high-school sweetheart -- a New Jersey hotdog-stand proprietor. The turn of events flips the spoiled daughter's life upside-down, leaving her stuck as a roller-skating waitress on the Jersey Shore.”