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MTV Tries to ‘Break the Addiction’

MTV: Music Television wants to help curb America’s addition to oil.

The network Friday introduced pro-social initiative “Break the Addiction,” which it called “a year-long campaign to engage, educate and empower young people to take simple, daily actions that can have a measurable impact in the fight against global warming.”

The network will officially launch the campaign Saturday for Earth Day, with on-air, online and wireless-messaging content about how to help stop global warming; break-ins to regularly scheduled programming offering environmental lessons; multiple public-service announcements; and an MTV News package.

“Throughout history, young people have always rallied around issues and generated change, and we know from our constant dialogue with young people that they are concerned about the environment but don't know how to make a difference," MTV president Christina Norman said in a prepared statement.

"Break the Addiction will educate and empower young people with tangible, simple actions and measurable ways to see how their small efforts have big effects,” she added.