MTV Tr3s Kicks Off Upfront Road Show

MTV Tr3s kicked off its six-city road-show upfront presentation in San Antonio Wednesday.

Among new original fare the network will debut:

Rock Dinner, in which the network “will knock on a lucky viewer's door and announce a special dinner guest. With only 12 hours to prepare the food, the house and the parents, this excited fan will have to stay cool while trying to impress their superstar dinner guest.”

Hachetetepe “will feature top artists in an intimate, first-hand narrative as they record their day-to-day experiences both on video and on an exclusive blog that allows the MTV Tr3s audience to interact with them directly.”

Tour-ismo “follows a band on tour in a new city they are visiting for the very first time, allowing viewers to get to know the city through the eyes of that band/singer.”

Bust a Ritmo, in which “young Latinos try to impress family and friends with their new dance moves.” is “a documentary destination covering the issues that are most important and relevant to young Latinos living in the United States, such as immigration, education, teen pregnancy and the war in Iraq.”

Fashionista is “a special that will feature live performances, a runway fashion show with the latest styles from Latino designers and a run down of favorite celebrities who raised the fashion bar and those who missed the mark completely.”

• In Drive In Cinema, “Latino members from the most famous car clubs on the West Coast will drive in their pimped-out cars for a day of celebration of car and pop.”

Efe o Efe “is a pop-culture interactive quiz that uses SMS [short-messaging-system] technology to allow viewers to accumulate points and win prizes.”

• The network will make “the hottest videos battle it out live on an interactive show with the audience selecting via SMS which video they want to watch next” in Videolucha.

6 Degrees will result in viewers “watching and guessing what a series of music videos have in common.”

Dame Un Break “provides unsigned acts (the viewers themselves) with the opportunity to be discovered.”

• And UrbTXTO lets “thousands of unique users use SMS for shout outs and dedications” from urban music and artists.

“When MTV Tr3s launched, our goal was to validate the fast-growing and influential Latino youth segment with the creation of an MTV-style pop-culture entertainment TV network. and we are well on our way," senior vice president and general manager Lucia Ballas-Traynor said in a prepared statement.

“MTV Tr3s’ programming captures young Latinos' celebratory spirit, the duality of their lives, their attitudes and Latin pride and passion and tells their stories the way they want them told,” she added. “We personify the unique world that young Latinos have proudly created.”