MTV Reveals TRL Awards Nominees, Guests

MTV: Music Television Monday announced the nominees and performers for the second annual TRL Awards, to air Tuesday, April 13 at 5 p.m. (EST/PST).

MTV VJs Quddus Phillippe, Damien Fahey, Vanessa Minnillo and LaLa Vasquez will host the TRL Awards, which celebrate the most exciting TRL performers and memorable moments of 2003.

Artists scheduled to appear, live or taped, include The Rock, Brad Pitt, Nelly, OutKast, Clay Aiken, Britney Spears, Hilary Duff, Missy Elliott, Lindsay Lohan, FeFe Dobson, Alicia Keys, 50 Cent and Beyonce.

The nominees:

• "Quit Your Day Job Award" (Best Guest Host): Kelly Clarkson, Raven Symone, Lindsay Lohan and Beyonce.

• "Wet Your Pants Award" (Funniest Guest): Will Ferrell, Triumph the Insult Comic Dog, Jack Black and Jim Carrey.

• "Most Abused Intern": Sharon the intern covered in shaving cream by other interns, "Wack an Intern" with Adam Sandler, interns pelted by water balloons at the MTV Beach House and interns forced to get Damien McDonalds.

• "We’ll Teach You How to Stunt" (Best Physical Stunt): Brian Vickers and Damien scooter race, oatmeal tug of war with the cast of The Rundown vs. TRL VJs, S.W.A.T. cast target practice and Scary Movie cast pumpkin-smashing contest.

• "TRL’s First Lady Award": Britney Spears, Beyonce, Ashanti and Christina Aguilera.

• :Best Male Artist Award": Eminem, 50 Cent, Clay Aiken and Andre 3000.

• "Roc the Mic Award" (Best Performance): OutKast, Halloween Show; Blink 182, "Feeling This," Spankin’ New Music Week; 50 Cent, "Stunt 101," Spankin’ New Music Week; and Britney Spears, "Me Against the Music," Spankin’ New Music Week.

• "Shake Your Booty Award" (Best Dance Move): Beyonce, "The Booty Shake"; Missy Elliott, "The Dutch"; Kelis, "The Milkshake"; and OutKast, "Hey Ya Fingers."

• "Gridlock Award" (Star Who Drew the Biggest Crowd): Clay Aiken, Britney Spears, cast of One Tree Hill and Justin Timberlake.

• "Fake ID Award" (Best Star Under 21): Amanda Bynes, Hilary Duff, Lil’ Bow Wow and Lindsay Lohan.

• "Walk This Way Award" (Best Entrance): Nick Lachey and Jessica Simpson at the Super Bowl; Blink 182 entering in a convertible for Spankin’ New Music Week; Tenacious D in "Wheelchairs"; and the S.W.A.T. cast in a S.W.A.T. mobile.