MTV Amps Up Social Buzz For ‘Teen Wolf’ Season 3 Finale

MTV said it will beef up its social networking activities for Monday night’s Teen Wolf marathon that leads up to the season three finale at 10 p.m. ET, pulling together a variety of activities tailored for various platforms, including Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr and Facbook, among others.

Rather than combining all of that social activity on one site, as it recently did with, which was put together to memorialize a fallen character revealed during last week’s show, MTV will expand to various social platforms with show factoids, exclusive photos. MTV, for example, will use Tumblr to push out animated GIFs from the show during Monday’s finale, and will have Teen Wolf cast members live-tweeting the show.

While the integrated, centralized memorial site “was a bit of an outlier for us,” MTV aims to break out its efforts tonight in a multichannel social blitz that speaks the  “language” of each social networking outlet, Tom Fishman, MTV’s VP of content marketing and fan engagement, said.

Teen Wolf , for example, "enjoys a robust fan presence on Tumblr,” Fishman said, noting that a “super fan” of the show from Spain who is particularly skilled at the creative art of Gif-making now freelances those talents to MTV each week.

Fishman said MTV’s strategy behind its social networking activities is two-fold – to drive viewer engagement and live tune-ins of new episodes, and to create unique opportunities for advertisers. One example is the digital-only After After Show that follows the latest episode, which includes an AT&T-sponsored “Fan Wish Is Granted” segment.

MTV said season three is on pace to become the series’ highest rated and most-watched on a live + 3 basis.