MSNBC Premieres “Raw” Spin-Off of “Lockup”

Next Monday MSNBC debuts a spin-off series called Lockup: Raw, a new franchise from the creators of Lockup, officials said Wednesday.

Lockup: Raw features never-before-aired footage of some of Lockup's most memorable inmates and candid interviews with producers who have spent years inside prisons working on the series.

In the four episodes of Lockup: Raw airing in February, producers from the Lockup series share dramatic accounts of filming in violent prisons. They discuss what it's like to be locked in cells for interviews with killers, to work through yelling and disturbances that make documenting behind bars unsettling, and to risk their own personal safety.

In addition, Raw revisits some of the most memorable wardens, guards, and inmates with new footage and producers' perspectives on what it took to get it.

Three episodes, “Hell in a Cell,” “Violence Behind Bars,” and “The Convict Code” will air on consecutive Monday evenings at 10 p.m. beginning Feb. 11. A fourth episode, “Criminal Minds,” which aired as a “sneak peek” in January, will re-air Feb. 18 at 11 p.m.

More episodes of Lockup: Raw will come later this year. MSNBC produces Lockup:Raw in partnership with 44 Blue Productions.