MSG Varsity Preps for Multiplatform Coverage of 2013-14

MSG Varsity, despite layoffs, is enrolling in another school year.

Cablevision’s high school sports service will announce later this month its coverage plans for the 2013-14 academic year, according to network officials.

Acknowledging, but not specifying, the number of layoffs MSG Varsity has sustained in recent months, Cablevision is working on a game plan that will continue to include linear presentations on channel 14, as well as game and other content that will be accessible online and via mobile platforms.

MSG Varsity’s dismisses a recent report that it is morphing toward becoming an online-only service for the upcoming year.

The commercial-free service, an acquisition and retention tool for the New York metro area’s predominant provider, presents games and athletics highlights, plus coverage of school club activities in four different areas across the MSO’s footprint -- - Long Island, New Jersey, New York City and Westchester County/Hudson Valley/Connecticut. 

“MSG Varsity has made some organizational changes that have resulted in some layoffs,” said Cablevision in a statement. “As we prepare for the 2013 – 2014 school year, we are committed to covering local high school sports throughout the tri-state area and look forward to announcing our television and digital plans later this summer.”