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MPAA Postpones D.C. Symposium

The Motion Picture
Association of America said Wednesday it is postponing its April 5 Business of
Show Business symposium, but provided no new date. "We will provide new
details on the scheduling as soon as they become available."

The Washington
conference brings together producers and policymakers to emphasize the impact
of the entertainment industry in millions of jobs and billions of dollars in
wages and taxes.

A spokesman said the
postponement is to give recently appointed CEO Chris Dodd (former Democratic
senator from Connecticut) more time to prepare for the gathering.

"The MPAA has a new
CEO who would like to get a chance to be briefed in much more detail by staff
about the organization's top priorities and meet with officials from the
studios, labor, exhibitors and other stakeholders in the entertainment community
before conducting the symposium," said the spokesman.