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Mozilla Adds Two Cities to Gigabit Community Fund

Mozilla (Firefox) is adding two cities to its Gigabit Community Fund.

The fund is awarding $300,000 in grants to leverage gigabit fiber networks in Eugene, Ore., and Lafayette, La., the company said.

The money will go to things like ultra-high definition in the classroom and VR field trips, taking a page or two from existing Mozilla gigabit cities Austin, Texas; Chattanooga, Tenn., and Kansas City.

The fund is a collaboration with the National Science Foundation and U.S. Ignite.

The two cities were added based on various criteria, including widely deployed high-speed broadband and a "critical mass" of anchor institutions.

“Mozilla is committed to supporting promising projects in gigabit-enabled U.S. cities — projects that use connectivity 250-times normal speeds to make learning more engaging, equitable and impactful," said Chris Lawrence, VP, leadership network for Mozilla.