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Movie Ending for HBO’s Deadwood

It appears will be more life in them thar hills.

Deadwood, HBO’s Western drama series, will conclude with a pair of two-hour telefilms, not its 12-episode third season, which is slated to premiere Sunday.

According to HBO officials, the premium network reached an agreement with Deadwood creator and executive producer David Milch to conclude the acclaimed series -- centering on the often ruthless residents and proprietors of the lawless town in the Black Hills of South Dakota, circa 1877 -- with four additional hours.

HBO and Milch had been at odds about how to close the series, with the NYPD Blue creator reportedly rejecting an offer from the network to produce a six-hour fourth season, largely because each installment encapsulates one day. The movies will allow Milch to move beyond that format.

Now HBO has to sign up such key actors as Ian McShane, Timothy Oliphant and Molly Parker in order to ensure the series’ extension. HBO did not offer a time frame for when the telefilms would air.

Milch is also working on a pilot for HBO, entitled John from Cincinnati, which looks at the Southern California surfing scene.