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MoveOn Launches Effort to Undo Supreme Court Campaign Decision has joined the call for a constitutional
amendment to reverse the Supreme Court decision allowing more corporate and union
dollars to flow to broadcasting and cable during elections.

In an e-mail solicitation Thursday (Jan. 28), the group said
it would need $200,000 initially to fund a "massive new campaign" to
fight what it expects to be a "tsunami" of corporate money for campaign
spots in the run-up to federal elections.

But there may be an upside for ad-hungry media even in the
campaign to cut off that flow. In the meantime, part of the MoveOn campaign is
a flight of ads decrying the money that will be flowing into those flights of

In the interests of consistency with their fight to fund
elections with small donations from the people rather than large ones from
corporations, the group is asking for $5 apiece from its supporters.