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More Legislators Push for Comcast/NBCU

Add seven more congressfolk to the list of those who have written the FCC to ask it to approve the Comcast/NBCU deal expeditiously.

In what was described as an addendum to a Jan. 5 letter that featured 99 signatures calling for approval with alacrity, Rep. Charles Dent (R-Pa.) said he was adding his name and that of six other colleagues to that call.

"Any further delay in your agency's review process, and any further efforts to laden the transaction with formal regulatory requirements could undermine much needed jobs and investment," they echoed in including a copy of the original letter in their addendum.

The FCC commissioners are currently vetting a draft, conditioned, approval of the deal, while Comcast has continued to sweeten the public interest pot with additional pledges to try and get the joint venture approved now more than a year since it was initially announced.