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MOBILE Now Act Not in FCC Reauthorization Bill

Turns out the provisions from Senate Commerce Committee chair John Thune's (R-S.D.) MOBILE NOW Act, S. 19, won't be added to the FCC's reauthorization bill being marked up Wednesday (Feb. 14).

Update: FCC Reauthorization Bill Bulks Up

The MOBILE NOW Act would make sure that the FCC made mid-band spectrum available for commercial use by 2020. It would both promote making more next-gen 5G wireless spectrum available and reduce obstacles to building out networks.

While the committee leadership signaled Tuesday (Feb. 13) it would be added to the bill, a committee source speaking on background said that is not going to happen. They said that while it did not make it onto this bill, the committee members would continue to work with their Senate colleagues on the issue of freeing up more spectrum for advanced wireless.

“We continue to support the MOBILE NOW Act as well as any efforts by Congress and the Administration to unlock spectrum for wireless services, particularly as we enter a new 5G world," said Kelly Cole, SVP for government affairs, for CTIA, adding: "We’re pleased that the FCC Reauthorization bill includes key language to help the FCC schedule the next spectrum auction.”