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Mnet Gains 24/7 Carriage on Verizon FiOS

Mnet Tuesday announced that it now has a channel all to its own on Verizon FiOS systems.
The Asian-targeted network will now be in front of FiOS' 4.2 million viewers on a 24-hour basis after initially garnering 10-hour a day, part-time carriage. The network replaces the Sound Track Channel on FiOS systems, said network officials.
"Mnet is a great new addition to our multicultural channel lineup, which we continue to expand," said Michelle Webb, Verizon's director of content strategy and acquisition in a statement. "We're excited to offer this Asian pop culture channel to our growing FiOS TV customer base."
Added Mnet acting president and CEO Adam Ware, "We are thrilled that Mnet is now available to the FiOS TV customer base. Asian pop culture is hotter than ever and Verizon's support is a critical validation of our programming brand and strategy. We are excited to be in business with Verizon team as we serve fans of Asian pop culture."