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Mnet Commissions Asian-American Media Study

Asian-American targeted Mnet will partner with consumer research company
BrandIQ to conduct later this month a comprehensive media consumption study within the
Asian American community.
The study, BrandIQ Asian American Media Consumption Benchmark, will study Asian Americans' involvement in six prominent vertical markets: consumer banking, personal computers and television, mobile phone and service providers, video game systems, and fast food, according to network officials.
The Mnet-commissioned study will survey 2,000 first, second, and third-generation Asian Americans ages 16-59, comprised of individuals with Chinese, Filipino, Indian, Japanese, Korean and Vietnamese backgrounds. The research will be fielded online in both English and other languages, and will be conducted this month in major U.S. markets that represent approximately 70% of the Asian American population.
"Asian Americans are the most upscale demographic in the country. They are also the most misunderstood, as programmers and marketers have struggled to fully tap into their $550 billion of annual buying power," said Adam Ware, acting president and CEO of Mnet in a statement. "A great majority of existing research on the Asian American consumer focuses on those who speak the languages of their native countries, ignoring the majority of those who are either bilingual or speak only English, and consume English media.
"This study will be the first of its kind, and will paint the clearest picture of the Asian American audience to date, while showing the value of Mnet's programming strategy: focusing on content that is both in English but also relevant to our audience's heritage," he added.