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MMTC Backs Wheeler on Open Internet Rules

FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler was hearing it from his critics this week on Internet neutrality. But not everyone was joining the chorus of boos.

Minority Media & Telecommunications Council executives met with FCC officials Monday to show their support for Wheeler's draft network neutrality rules.

According to a filing with the commission, David Honig, president of MMTC, and senior counsel Joycelyn James, said their group supports what they called the chairman's middle ground proposal, with its emphasis on Sec. 706 authority.

That comes as the drumbeat for classification/reclassification of Internet access under Title II grows louder. "The Chairman’s approach would deter abuse while not discouraging investment, innovation and, especially, universal broadband access," they told the commission.

ISP's argue that Title II would jeopardize the investment needed to get broadband to all Americans.

MMTC said the FCC should not let the debate over net regulations distract it from taking the steps they feel are most important to promoting broadband to their constituency, including ending broadband "redlining," modernizing the E-rate subsidy for broadband to schools and libraries, promoting telehealth and increasing ownership and employment opportunities.