MLB Network Transferring 30 World Series Films To HD Format

MLB Network, deploying state-of-the-art technology, is upgrading a bevy of World Series films to the high-definition format.

The network, which will throw out its first pitch on New Year’s Day in some 50 million homes, the largest launch in cable history, is working with MLB Productions to retransfer the original film negatives to nearly 30 classic World Series films to the HD format. When these enhanced films debut on MLB Network, these airings will represent the highest quality these films have ever been presented in, according to MLB officials.

Meanwhile, with more than 300 miles of cable – the length of circling the bases at all 30 MLB parks 147 times -- running throughout its studios at its Secaucus, N.J. headquarters, MLB Network will capture and transmit hard ball action more thoroughly and clearly than its ever been done before. 

Both the commissioner's office and MLB Productions, in conjunction with MLB Network, developed new software that will allow for digital logging of games in a completely tapeless environment. This system routes data throughout the entire facility -- allowing producers and editors to have simultaneous access to all files immediately.  If, for instance, Harold Reynolds is on-air describing Manny Ramirez as a great 0-2 hitter, within seconds the network can locate and air the slugger’s at-bats in which he faced an 0-2 count.