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Miron To be Honored with CTAM Grand TAM Award

Advance/Newhouse Communications chairman Robert Miron will receive CTAM's 2009 Grand TAM Award - the cable marketing organization's highest honor, CTAM announced Monday.
CTAM will honor Miron with the award -- given to an individual in recognition of the time, talent and commitment made to ensure the future of the industry through marketing, education and leadership -- during the CTAM Summit next month in Denver, according to executives at the organization.
CTAM is recognizing Miron for his longtime support of marketing excellence within his own company and CTAM, as well as for his work across the cable industry over the years. Miron has been a strong voice in the industry's policy debates at the NCTA as well as in technology decisions at CableLabs.
Also as chairman of the NCTA and co-chair of the industry's original customer service committee, Miron has championed an industry-wide focus on providing excellent customer service.
"Bob Miron has been a long-time champion of collaboration between companies through industry associations, including CTAM. He is a marketing and management innovator, and was one of the first to deliver the Dan Aaron Lecture on Innovative Management at CTAM U.," said Sean Bratches, Executive Vice President, Sales and Marketing, ESPN, Inc, and Chair, CTAM Board of Directors in a statement.