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Microsoft Backs AT&T/DirecTV Deal

Microsoft is down with the AT&T/DirecTV deal, and it is all about the broadband.

In a filing at the FCC, Microsoft said that the AT&T/DirecTV deal would help deploy broadband infrastructure critical to innovation.

Microsoft points out that AT&T has committed to increasing broadband deployment by boosting its fiber to the premises wireline service to two million more customer locations, and to deploying fixed-wireless local loop technology, boosting broadband speeds to 15-20 Mbps to 13 million mostly rural customers outside AT&T's current footprint or where current customers don't get the U-Verse bundle of broadband and video.

And while Microsoft gave the FCC credit for advancing deployment through the Universal Service Fund and E-rate subsidies, it suggested the deal would be a good venue for expanding on that.

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