MGM Hopes To ‘Impact’ VOD Space

Comcast and Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer last week launched “Impact,” a new video-on-demand channel of action programming.

Many of the movies and TV shows on the channel will be available in high-definition, MGM and Comcast said. Most of the titles are free to digital cable customers but viewers could be directed to optional, pay titles in the action realm, as well, spokespeople said.

Within the first year, Impact will premiere such successful action films as movies from the James Bond series, Rocky, Magnificent Seven, RoboCop and Roadhouse. Impact will also kick off its programming with MGM library films starring Chuck Norris, Sylvester Stallone and Charles Bronson.

Comcast — which owns a 20% equity stake in the movie studio — also has an agreement to carry the MGM HD linear channel.

“The Comcast On Demand platform is the perfect environment for targeted marketable brands and programming,” Jim Packer, co-president of MGM Worldwide Television, said in a release.

Comcast is emphasizing expanded TV choices, including on demand, an initiative it calls “Project Infinity.”

Comcast says it offers 10,000 VOD selections a month, including at least 500 in HD.