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Mexico's UFO Expert Makes U.S. Debut With Weekly Show on LATV

Los Angeles-based LATV this week (Oct. 20) premiered Los archivos secretos de Jaime Maussan, a weekly, half-hour investigative show on UFO sightings hosted by Mexican journalist, and well-known "UFO expert" Jaime Maussan.

The show, which was taped at Maussan's studios in Mexico City, marks Maussan's first entry in the U.S. market as host of his own program. And although the original agreement with LATV is for 10 weeks, the idea is to expand it in the near future.

"The U.S. might beat Mexico in many things; but when it comes to UFO research and information, we definitely beat [Americans]" Maussan told Hispanic TV Update. Maussan, who lives in Mexico, will continue to host and produce Tercer Milenio, which airs every week on Grupo Televisa's Channel 4.
Maussan promises Hispanic audiences in the U.S. a wealth of UFO-related videos and "irrefutable proof" of the existence of life in other galaxies, including videos made from the NASA itself that Maussan and his UFO-hunting team have compiled through the years.
Los archivos secretos is one of several shows making their debut this fall on LATV. These include celebrity-news magazine El Glam Show, music show Discografías and reality Rockstar, among others.