mDialog Nets Two TV Everywhere Ad Patents

mDialog, a company that specializes in managing, delivering and measuring video advertising across IP-connected platforms, said it has landed two TV Everywhere-related U.S. patents linked to dynamic ad insertion and advanced location-aware audience targeting.

The two recently issued patents are:  No.  8,539,523 (“System and method for delivering content to mobile devices), and No, 8,495,675 (Method and system for dynamically inserting content into streaming media).

mDialog said the tech behind ‘675 enables cusomers of its Smart Stream Platform to dynamically update or modify what ads or entertainment content is inserted into a stream on the fly as the stream plays out.

The ‘523 patent  combines mobile-centric info (such as location, velocity or even altitude) with other audience-targeting data, including program category and time of day. mDialog said that mix can boost the value of “uniquely addressable  commercials.”

mDialog said its ad system can work with iOS and Android devices, Google TV, Apple TV, Roku boxes and gaming consoles such as the Xbox 360.