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McSlarrow Advising Romney Campaign

President Barack Obama has some supporters in high places at
Comcast, but so does Gov. Romney.

Comcast/NBCU Washington president Kyle McSlarrow, former chairman
of the National Cable and Telecommunications Association, has been lending his
expertise, albeit  in an informal capacity, to the Romney presidential

"Kyle has been informally advising the campaign on energy
and telecommunications issues," a source close to McSlarrow confirmed to The
Wire -- McSlarrow, a longtime Republican and McCain supporters last time
around, is a former deputy secretary of the Department of Energy and was the
national chairman for the Quayle 2000 Presidential Campaign.

A source close to the Romney transition advised B&C of McSlarrow's advisory role,
then offered up his name as a possible candidate for the FCC chairmanship if
the Romney camp looks beyond the two current Republican FCC members -- Rob
McDowell and Ajit Pai -- said to be strong candidates for the post.

The source close to McSlarrow said the chairmanship talk was
off base. "Any rumors regarding the FCC chairmanship are untrue," they said.