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MCN Review: SuperMansion

OTT video streaming service Crackle and Breaking Bad star Bryan Cranston have teamed to deliver a rambunctious and funny animated series in SuperMansion.

The stop-motion animated series, executively produced by Cranston and Seth Green,  stars Cranston as the voice of Titanium Rex, the leader of The League of Freedom --a group of quirky, inept superheroes who live together and, on occasion, fight crimes.

When a particularly clumsy arrest of a relatively harmless diamond burglar leads to the accidental collapse of the Washington Monument, Rex is hauled in front of Congress, which is intent on defunding the group. When Rex’s plea that the group is needed to fight the evils of the world falls on deaf ears – mostly because his counterparts failed to show up to the hearing – Congress appoints grizzled military accountant Sgt. Agony (Keegan-Michael Key) to go over the heroes’ expenses.

The inquiry leads viewers to find out more about the lives and often ridiculous exploits of the heroes, which includes American Ranger (also voiced by Key), a WW II hero frozen in time who recently re-emerges with very antiquated and offensive views of life; Cooch (Heidi Lynn Gardner), a sassy cat lady; Brad (Tom Root) a steroid-enhanced musclehead; Black Saturn (Tucker Gilmore), a Batman-esque crimefighter with a huge ego, and JewBot (Zeb Wells), a robot dealing with identity issues.

SuperMansion’s tone and language maybe a bit too edgy for young viewers, but creators Zeb Wells and Matthew Senreich (Robot Chicken) also throw in a lot of sophomore humor likely to attract millennial watchers. SuperMansion is a fun, silly takeoff on the superhero culture currently dominating theatrical films and television content today.

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