Maybe Not At Tiffany, But VHI Will Put 'New York' To Work

Reality star "New York" is making yet another return to VH1. And this time the network and viewers are going to put her to work.

Tiffany Pollard, better known as New York, will star in a weekly series in which she tackles a new job, whereby she will receive a $5,000 bonus if she impresses her employer, and gets squat is she's fired or quits.
On New York Goes To Work, viewers will be able to vote on where Pollard should toil from among three choices each week, including gigs at a mortuary, fast-food restaurant or sewer plant.
Pollard rose to fame as a contestant on VH1 reality dating show Flavor of Love. Spurned by rapper Flavor Flav, she then headed her own spinoffs, I Love New York and New York Goes to Hollywood on the network,