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MAVTV Inks Pact With Ex-'Pinks' Host Rich Christensen

MAVTV American Real Network signed a content-development deal with Rich Christensen (left), who created and hosted Pinks and Pinks All Out on the Speed channel and whose first show for MAVTV will be drag-racing competition series Won & Done, premiering Thursday, April 4.

"We have high expectations of Rich," Bob Patison, MAVTV's president, said in a release. "He needs to do three things for us immediately: Create hits, increase awareness of the MAVTV brand and bring new viewers to the network. We will give him all the support and resources he needs to achieve these goals and bring must-see, ground-breaking programming to MAVTV American Real Network."

Won & Done will be a weekly series in which two drivers and their vehicles compete in a single drag race where everything about the race is negotiable: Lane selection, distance, car-length starting advantage, the start, and anything else. Once the negotiations are finalized, the vehicles line up and the first to the finish line wins.  The winning driver earns $500 and the chance to compete again. The Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) of the loser is recorded and that vehicle is forever banned from the show. Any vehicle that stays undefeated for 10 races will win a $50,000 bonus. With the pre-race negotiations playing such a critical part, virtually any vehicle could compete against any other, no matter what their relative performance levels.

Christensen, who also created the Speed show Pass Time, will be joined by Morgan Lucas, National Hot Rod Association Top Fuel competitor and son of MAVTV owner Forrest Lucas.  "I am extraordinarily grateful for the opportunity that the MAVTV American Real network and the Lucas Oil family have given me," said Christensen. "I will do everything in my power to be successful and make my new MAVTV family proud."