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Matthew Weiner Up for WGAW Board Seat

Matthew Weiner of Mad Men and Sopranos fame is among a new slate of candidates for board of directors of the Writers Guild of America, West.

The guild is very active on Washington issues including network neutrality, set-top boxes, and mergers.

Also among the 14 candidates nominated for board seats are Patric Verrone*, Ligiah Villalobos, David Slack, Keenen Ivory Wayans, Ali LeRoi, Courtney Ellinger, Marjorie David*, Glen Mazzara, Dan Wilcox, Zoanne Clack, Jonathan Fernandez, Chip Johannessen* and Richard Keith (an asterisk indicates an incumbent board member).

Eligible guild members can also be nominated by petition (the deadline for petitions is July 22).

Voting concludes Sept. 19.