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Matheny Named NAB CTO

Sam Matheny, VP of policy and innovation at Raleigh-based Capitol Broadcasting, is joining the National Association of Broadcasters as executive VP and chief technology officer effective July 15.

Capitol has long been a pioneering broadcast group in terms of digital technology, including mobile DTV and HDTV.

Matheny is formerly general manager of Capitol's News Over Wireless, local TV applications for wireless carriers, and VP and general manager at DTV Plus, the first DTV datacast service.

He is a member of the FCC's Communications Security, Reliability and Interoperability Council (CSRIC) and of the Academy of Digital Television Pioneers.

"NAB is thrilled to have Sam Matheny joining the team as our new CTO," said NAB president Gordon Smith in announcing the new hire. "Sam's roots are in broadcast localism and service to the community, but he is also a technology strategist determined to push broadcasters to embrace digital and Internet opportunities that generate revenue."

“Sam is an energetic, forward thinking Broadcaster who is well informed and actively engaged with industry issues," said Mark Atiken, VP, advanced technology, for Sinclair, and another veteran broadcast tech exec. "I expect Sam will bring local broadcast interests to the forefront of technical and business battles the industry is confronting, and will be a strong advocate for the real needs of a Next Generation Broadcast Platform.”

Matheny is also a member of the board of ATSC (the Advanced Television Systems Committee) and is chair of its Standards Transition Subcommittee. ATSC is currently working on a new transmission standard that will allow broadcasters to be a more interactive participant in the digital revolution.