Marlene Dann

EVP, Court TV News

WHY WE’RE WATCHING: Court TV News has established itself as a major daytime destination. Dann brings the gavel down on decisions about which trials to cover and the net’s lineup, which manifested itself two weeks ago with a new roster that’s filled with even bigger personalities aimed at drawing in new viewers.

HIGH ’05s: “We successfully covered the nation’s most important trials, as Court TV News now ranks second among cable news network during daytime with viewers and key demographics, behind only Fox News [Channel]. Court TV News has been the fastest-growing cable news in daytime, increasing its audience significantly over the last several years. Fueling our growth are the anchors, whose appearances on other broadcast and cable networks have been driving viewers to Court TV. The verdict in the Michael Jackson case earned Court TV its largest audience ever in its 14-year history. That was followed closely by the Scott Peterson trial.”

PICKS IN ’06: “We are launching a lineup in January that will consist of a whole new look and new pairings of anchors, including Ashleigh Banfield and Jack Ford. This new format will allow us to further develop our current dayparts into more distinct personality-driven shows. In addition, Court TV will open a D.C. bureau this year. This will expand our presence in the nation’s capital, increasing our ability for live daily coverage of simultaneous trials, as well as the Supreme Court.”

MY TIME: “When I’m not working, I enjoy spending time with my husband Lonnie and our two sons, Jake and Jeremy.”