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Markey Wins Senate Seat

Rep. (now Senator) Ed Markey (D-Mass.) won his special
election Tuesday for the Senate seat of Secretary of State John Kerry. Markey
defeated Republican Gabriel Gomez.

Markey is the former chairman of the House Communications
Subcommittee and veteran media consolidation critic. He has concentrated more
on energy issues in recent years, but remains a strong voice for privacy
protection and supporter of network neutrality.

In his acceptance speech, he talked about a number of
priority issues, leading off with clean energy and transportation
infrastructure. He also talked about information technology and the need to
keep innovating to create jobs.

He said he was tired of gridlock in Washington, but added he
would never compromise his principles or those of his constituents.

Markey joins Massachusetts Democratic Senator
Elizabeth Warren, who used his election to put out an email solicitation for
donations to the Progressive Change Campaign Committee to elect more
progressives like Markey.