Logo TV Debuts Scripted Short-Form Digital Series

Logo TV, Viacom’s channel and brand for the LGBT community, has launched a short-form, six-part, digital-only series that is premiering exclusively at LogoTV.com and via the recently launched LogoTV app.

Logo introduced the scripted series, Montreal Boy: Some Strings Attached, on Monday (April 7) at noon ET, initially offering access to the first two episodes. The story follows Stéphane (Francis Ducharme), a Montreal-based man who receives a visit from Hugh (Matthew Ludwinski), a man from New York, following an initial meet-up online.

Logo TV said the series was commissioned by Tourisme Montréal, with the goal of attracting members of the LGBT community to travel to Montreal. Tourisme Montréal approached Logo to spearhead the short form series and to host it exclusively, the network said.

Logo TV said Montreal Boy marks the first time that the network has created custom branded content for digital platforms, noting that it also marks Logo TV’s first scripted, digital-only short-form series.

"Our goal was to create a short form series that featured Montreal’s fabulous culture, open spirit and joie de vivre at the heart of a story of two people falling in love,” said Tanya Churchmuch, associate director, Tourisme Montréal, in a statement. “With its leadership position and unmatched reach within the LGBT community and forward thinking influencers, Logo was the ideal partner to both bring this story to life and to help drive tourism to Montreal."

"We're always looking for new opportunities to partner and create high quality customized branded content. Working with Tourism Montreal, we were able to go a step further by first developing a short form series, and starting today begin leveraging our digital platforms to connect it with a mass audience,” added Amy Wigler, SVP of integrated marketing for Logo and MTV.

The series was co-produced by Jimmy Lee and Logo TV.