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Live Robbery on Cable Access

Viewers who tuned into a shopping program in Arkansas got a crime drama instead.

Two men were arrested Friday after viewers of local cable-access program Shopping Mania called police as they watched the men on television trying to rob employees of the show, AP reported.

Viewers told police they saw one man pull a gun on the employees and demand keys to a car. When police arrived, the two suspects fled, but police caught up with them, according to AP.

"They were having a live show," police spokesman Sgt. Jarrard Copeland told AP. "One entered the business with his face covered."

Eddie Crisp Jr., 23, of Fort Smith, Ark., and Timothy Suggs, 22, of Pine Bluff, Ark. were jailed on a parole hold, Copeland told AP, adding that Crisp has prior convictions on theft and arson charges, while Suggs has been convicted of theft and burglary.