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Limelight Revs Up Its Web Accelerator

Limelight Networks has unleashed an upgrade to Orchestrate, a Digital Presence Platform and Web content acceleration system that that, it claims, can outpace the speeds supported by Akamai and other content delivery network rivals.

The upgrade, called Orchestrate V2.5, targets traditional Web pages as well as online video.

Limelight said the new system supports enhanced caching that results in shorter wait times and a more efficient object routing system that decreases the number of trip required from the point of origin to the end user.

NeuLion, a provider of over-the-top video, has integrated the NeuLion TV Everywhere Platform with Orchestrate. 

Instead of focusing on the content itself, the new version of Orchestrate is fixed on the quality of the delivery of that content – how quickly that content to load on the end device when the consumer asks for it, said Limelight chief marketing officer Kirby Wadsworth.

Although companies such as EdgeCast and Level 3 Communications compete in the CDN sector, Akamai is the primary competitor being targeted by Limelight’s new Web acceleration upgrade, he added.

And Limelight is coming out of the chute with some pretty bold claims – that it’s accelerator is 10% faster than  Akamai’s on a global basis and up to 50% faster than some of the company’s smaller rivals.

Limelight is staking those claims on data supplied by three third-party firms that track Web speed performance: Turbobytes, Gomez and Keynote