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Lifetime Says: You’re Not the Man

Lifetime Television said Friday that it has ordered 13 half-hour episodes of a new unscripted comedy series.

You’re Not the Man I Married looks at a relationship where the wife realizes that her husband is not quite the man she married. “To restore zip in their lives and prove his undying love, the husband must confront and surmount a series of comedic challenges,” Lifetime said.

The series is being executive-produced by David Franzke (MTV: Music Television’s Punk’d) and Optomen Productions, and it is scheduled to debut in either the second or third quarter.

“This is about relationship intervention,” Lifetime senior vice president of reality programming Bill Brand said in a prepared statement.

“In a heartfelt and funny way, we’re taking a man who loves his wife very much -- it’s all beneath the surface,” he added. “By enduring the emotional obstacle course of the program, he demonstrates how much he loves her and, more important, that he is still her Prince Charming -- perhaps a little rumpled, a little greyer, a few pounds here and there, but he is still the man she loves.”