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Lifetime Lines Up ‘Blonde Charity Mafia’

Lifetime and PB&J Television will put the cameras on some of the power players in the nation’s capital, who just happen to be blonde.

The women’s-targeted service has ordered six installments of Blonde Charity Mafia, a docuseries that will follow the lives of social power players Katherine Kennedy and Krista Johnson. Also featured is Sophie Pyle, an acquaintance who is always in attendance at the charity functions thrown by Kennedy and Johnson at some of Washington D.C.’s top clubs and restaurants.

“Katherine, Krista and Sophie are at the epicenter of Georgetown’s young cultural scene,” said Jessica Samet, senior vice president, reality programming at Lifetime, in a statement. “This absorbing series will pull the curtain back on the fragility of friendship among the beautiful, wealthy and powerful.”

Production is slated to begin on location in Washington next month.