LG ‘Connect SDK’ Seeks Second Screen Unity

Seeking to bring a higher level of technical unity around second screen apps that link to the TV, LG Electronics last week introduced Connect SDK, an open source software development kit.

Available to Google Android and iOS developers, LG said it will unify device discovery and connectivity across multiple TV platforms, including smart TVs powered by its own webOS platform, as well as other popular TV-connected devices, including Roku boxes, the Google Chromecast, Amazon Fire TV devices and “most DIAL-enabled devices.”

LG said that means mobile apps with photos, video and audio can be beamed to four TV platform via its platform.

"Connect SDK is breaking down barriers to enable apps and devices to work together harmoniously,” sais LG Electronics USA VP and head of the LG Silicon Valley Lab Samuel Chang said, in a statement.

App developers already on board with LG’s approach include Plex and musiXmatch.