MCN Review: Strong Action Sequences Mark History's 'Knightfall'

History's Knightfall is a sword-slinging adventure series that sprinkles historical figures, such as royals and a pope, in with a story line about the Templar knights’ search for the lost Holy Grail.

The chief hero, Landry (Tom Cullen), is a super serious and complicated monk who is an unstoppable force in battle.

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The story starts with the knights losing their Holy Land stronghold of Acre in 1291 — and losing the cup that Jesus drank from at the Last Supper during the evacuation. Then it zooms ahead 15 years to Paris.

The action sequences (the swords are very sharp and there’s a fair amount of maiming) are excellent. There’s good scenery and golden-lit castles and chapels. The knights are honorable and deity-fearing, at least in the two episodes screened. The vibe is a little Game of Thrones, as it would, especially in the early scenes in Acre.

Cullen is a solid, deep-voiced lead. His Landry must overcome some rash tendencies if he is to lead his knights to that mislaid cup.

Kent Gibbons

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