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Klarman Now Airing As Oxygen’s General Manager

Oxygen’s new owner, NBC Universal, has moved over an executive from Bravo, Jason Klarman, to be general manager of the women’s network, officials said Thursday.

In his new position at Oxygen Media, Klarman will work closely with Lauren Zalaznick, president of Bravo Media and Oxygen Media, to determine the overall marketing, digital, communications and sales strategy for the female-focused network, which was acquired by NBC Universal in November.

Klarman, formerly Bravo’s executive vice president of marketing and digital, will have responsibility for day-to-day operations and will manage the brand strategy, consumer and trade marketing, on-air promotion and creative services for Oxygen.

He will also oversee the strategy for advertising and digital sales and the development of all digital content. In addition to the linear network, Oxygen Media currently owns and operates,,, and SheDidWhat.TV.

“At Bravo Media, and before that at Trio network, Jason has brought innovation and growth to every part of the business he's touched,” Zalaznick said in a statement.  “He thinks big, he thinks strategically, and is extremely effective at taking an existing brand and bringing it to a whole new level. Oxygen is an exciting new asset for NBC Universal and presents a tremendous growth opportunity. I think he’ll do great things for the network.”

Klarman’s appointment is the second major personnel move since NBCU took over Oxygen: earlier this month Cynthia Chu was named vice president and chief financial officer.

Under Klarman’s leadership Bravo rebranded in 2005, transforming the network’s on-air and online look with its now signature talk bubble logo and “Watch What Happens” tagline.

Since the rebrand, Klarman has helped launch Bravo’s biggest hits including, Project Runway, Top Chef, The Real Housewives of Orange County, and Kathy Griffin: My Life OnThe D-List

On the digital front, Klarman transformed the network’s Web site from one promotional in nature site to an online hub for everything Bravo and encompassing pop culture. In addition to launching new broadband sites like and, Klarman was instrumental in acquiring Web site TelevisionWithoutPity. Under his watch, Bravo’s digital properties grew from 8.5 million page views per month in 2004, to hit 90 million page views last month.

In 2007, Klarman was instrumental in the launch of Bravo Media, transforming all of the network’s on-air and off-air communications and working on the development of new revenue streams – most recently closing a first-ever book deal for a Top Chef cookbook.

Klarman joined Bravo in 2004 from Trio, the pop culture network where he originally met Zalaznick. There, he led the branding efforts from May 2001 as the senior vice president of marketing.