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Joy for Sarrow at Fox Cable

Jonathan Sarrow has been promoted to vice president of affiliate business affairs in the Los Angeles headquarters of Fox Cable Networks Group, officials said Thursday.

Sarrow, who reports to senior VP of affiliate sales and marketing Sean Riley, has negotiated or managed more than 500 deals since he joined Fox Cable in December 2000. He will continue to have responsibility for negotiations of contract administration, compliance and renewals -- as well as new affiliate agreements -- across the 2,000 separate system agreements governing the individual Fox Cable channels. In January 2002, Sarrow was promoted to director after serving one year as manager of business and legal affairs.

In addition, Scott Brown was promoted to VP of business and legal affairs for Fox Cable. Browne joined the programmer in September 2002 as director.

David Wisnia also got a promotion, to VP of business and legal affairs for Fox Cable, reporting to senior VP of business and legal affairs Claudia Teran. Wisnia joined Fox Sports International as an attorney in December 1999.