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Jon Leibowitz to Provide Opening Remarks at Jan. 19 Workshop

Federal Trade Commission Chairman Jon Leibowitz will provide
the opening remarks at a Jan. 19 workshop on the open Internet and the impact
of consumer disclosures and transparent network management.

Leibowitzhas said that he thought his commission had a big consumer protection role
to play in issues of broadband network management and neutrality.

The FCC Friday (Jan. 15) announced the panelists at the workshop,
which include network neutrality advocates. 
The commission has been criticized by some in that community for panels
heavier on industry views than their own.

The panelists are Parul Desai from Media Access Project; Ron
Dicklin, Root Wireless; Gerald Faulhaber, Wharton School, University of
Pennsylvania; Joel Kelsey, Consumers Union; Fernando LaGuarda, Time Warner
Cable; Sascha Meinrath, New America Foundation; Jay Monahan, Vuze, Inc.;
Nicholas Weaver, International Computer Science Institute (Netalyzer),
University of California at Berkeley; David E. Young, Verizon; Joel Gurin,
Consumer & Governmental Affairs Bureau, FCC (Moderator); Julius Knapp,
Office of Engineering & Technology, will moderate.