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Johanson Pulls Plug On Oxygen’s ‘Talk Sex’

Sue Johanson will take viewers’ sex calls for the final time on Oxygen Sunday night.

After six seasons, Talk Sex with Sue Johanson will sign off for the last time on the women’s-targeted network at 12 a.m. (ET/PT). Oxygen officials said the show’s final campaign was its top among its target women 18-to-49 audience. Johanson’s advice will continue to live on

“Nearly six years ago there wasn't nearly as much open dialogue about human sexuality available on television,” Johanson said in a statement. “Oxygen had the courage to air Talk Sex and I'm thrilled it worked out so well – it has been a dream come true. Rest assured, I'm not giving up on sex! I will continue talking sex to college and university students, and plan to do specials on television and radio.”

Johanson’s show tackled all aspects of sexuality in an informative, non-judgmental and humorous way as she provided insights on revitalizing one's sex life and the latest information on sexually transmitted infections and sexual disorders. The show’s unique nature, which included the discussion of sex toys during the "Hot Stuff" segment, earned Johanson the “it” grandmother moniker from Entertainment Weekly.

Talk Sex with Sue Johanson was derived from Sunday Night Sex Show, which first premiered in Canada in 1984. Canadians got their first glimpse of the grandmotherly Johanson, the author of numerous widely-read books and columns about sexuality, when W Network began to air the show in 1996. A registered nurse, Johanson has completed numerous post-graduate courses.. In 1970, she established the Don Mills Birth Control Clinic in Toronto. Since 1974, she has been teaching sex and sexuality in schools throughout Canada.