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Jeopardy Lines Up D.C. Power Players

Jeopardy! has unveiled the players for its Washington Power Players week, being taped in Washington April 9 for airing May 16-20, and they range from Sen. Al Franken to Mad Men creator Matthew Weiner.

Political figures, journalists and other media figures will play for charity, with the winners earning a minimum of $50,000 for their charity and the losers at last $10,000.

The 15 "pundits, personalities and politicians" who will be playing, and the charities they are playing for, are Kate Bolduan, CNN, Free Arts NYC; comedian Louis C.K., Fistula Foundation; Jonathan Capehart, Washington Post, Sasha Bruce Youthwork; Anderson Cooper, CNN, Spike's K9 Fund; S.E. Cupp, commentator (CNN), Share Our Strength; Sen. Al Franken (D-

Minn.); Jonathan Franzen, author, American Bird Conservancy; David Gregory, analyst (CNN), Martha's Table; Melissa Harris-Perry, TV host, Girls for Gender Equity; Sunny Hostin, ABC senior legal analyst, Bronx Children's Museum; Ana Navarro, political analyst (CNN), Operation Smile; Michael Steele, political analyst (MSNBC), Catholic Charities Mona Center; Chuck Todd, NBC News political director, host, Meet the Press, Samarian Inns; Matthew Weiner, creators, Mad Men.