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Janoff to Direct NFL Network Games

NFL Network turned to 14-time Emmy Award-winner Craig Janoff to direct its Thursday Night Football and Saturday Night Football games.

Janoff will also direct the National Football League’s cable service’s other live event programming, including the NFL Scouting Combine.

Janoff spent 22 years at ABC Sports, directing Monday Night Football from 1988-99, as well as Monday Night Baseball, Wide World of Sports and college football.

His credits also include the Super Bowl, the World Series, the National Basketball Association Finals, the National Hockey League’s Stanley Cup Finals, horse racing’s Triple Crown and the 1980, 1984 and 1988 Winter Olympic Games and 1984 Summer Olympics (including the opening and closing ceremonies).

Janoff will kick off his NFL Network tenure with the New Orleans Saints taking on the Pittsburgh Steelers in the Pro Football Hall of Fame Game Sunday at 8 p.m.