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ITIF Nominates FCC as Innovation Killer

The Information Technology and Innovation Foundation has announced its 10 nominees for the 2015 Luddite Awards (named for the British anti-technology movement of the early 1800s). For the "Worst of the Worst Innovation Killers," the FCC makes number eight on the list, right between Wyoming outlawing citizen science (7) and the fight against genetically improved foods (9).

The FCC was nominated for its decision to reclassify Internet access as a Title II common carrier service, something ITIF opposed.

"The Internet in general and broadband networks in particular are continually improving through innovation. But in an effort to freeze network innovation, the Federal Communications Commission, at the  urging of a wide range of neo-Luddite organizations, enacted regulations to protect 'net neutrality,' a rather nebulous concept, generally standing for the principle that broadband networks should treat all data packets alike, even if they have different network needs. This will significantly constrain network innovation," ITIF said.  

The "winners" will be announced in late January.

ITIF is a nonprofit, nonpartisan think tank.