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ITI: U.S. Should Stay in Paris Climate Agreement

Tech advocacy group Information Technology Industry Council (ITI) took aim at President Donald Trump's expected decision to pull out of the Paris climate agreement.

“Climate change is real and addressing it is a shared responsibility," said ITI president Dean Garfield. "The Paris agreement is a critical component of embracing that responsibility in a fashion that sustains our planet and stimulates innovation. The perception that we have to decide between creating jobs or tackling climate change is a false choice." 

The President had not announced the decision at presstime but said it was coming in the next few days. CNN was reporting that first daughter Ivanka Trump, a fan of staying in the agreement, was still trying to make sure the President was hearing from all sides.

ITI members include the biggest names in computer hardware and software including Apple, Dell, Microsoft, Amazon, Google and Facebook, as well as Nielsen.