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Issa Seeks Investigation Into Google Leaks

Oversight and Government Reform has asked the Federal Trade
Commission to investigate press leaks of details of its settlement with Google,
announced last week.

In a letter to FTC Inspector General Scott Wilson, a
copy of which
was supplied by a committee staffer, Issa said such leaks
were illegal and counterproductive to the investigation and asked the IG to
look into it.

"Throughout the process, nonpublic information about
developments in the investigation has been inappropriately shared with the
media," Issa wrote. "It is believed the commission may be contributing to, or
is the source, of this information."

He also cited complaints by Democratic Rep. Ron Wyden
(D-Ore.) and Sen. John Kerry (D-Mass.) about the leaks.

The commission concluded that Google's search business was
not illegally anticompetitive, but the company agreed to make some changes in
the interests of user transparency and control. The FTC did order Google to
make some of its essential smartphone-related patents acquired from Motorola
available to competitors, which Motorola had been required to do.

An FTC spokesperson confirmed it had received the letter,
but had not comment on whether or not it was conducting an investigation.