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ISPs, Advertisers Push for Privacy Rule Rollback

ISPs and ad industry execs are getting together with the press Tuesday for a call in advance of the House consideration of a resolution to repeal the FCC's broadband privacy regs.

The Congressional Review Act resolution passed the Senate 50-48 last week, and House majority leader Kevin McCarthy has scheduled debate to begin in the house on the resolution (S.J. Res. 34) at noon, with a vote likely somewhere between 3 p.m. and 5 p.m.

"Withdrawing the FCC’s flawed two-tiered privacy regulations is a vital step towards developing a truly comprehensive and effective privacy framework for the entire internet based on the successful FTC approach," said NCTA: The Internet & Television Association in announcing the conference call. 

Slated to talk about the congressional effort are Jon Leibowitz, former FTC chairman under Barack Obama and now co-chair of the ISP-backed 21st Century Privacy Coalition, who will moderate; James Assey, executive VP at NCTA; B. Lynn Follansbee, VP of law and policy at USTelecom; Jim Halpert, general counsel of the Internet Commerce Coalition; Julie Kearney, CTA; Emmett O’Keefe, senior VP of advocacy, DMA; and Howard Waltzman, general counsel at 21st Century Privacy Coalition.