Ion TV Sending Mobile Gingerbread House To Ad Agencies

Ion Television is sending its “Your Home for the Holidays” mobile gingerbread house to advertising agencies in New York City this week, with gingerbread cookies, toffee, chocolate graham crackers, candy canes, hot chocolate and hot apple cider.

The gingerbread house itself is made from various festive goodies including 600 candy necklaces, 160 peppermint sticks, 100 pounds of jelly candy stars, 100 pounds of candy snowflakes and 25 pounds of red hot cinnamon candies, according to the programmer.

Executives from each designated advertising agency will also have the opportunity to enter a contest to win a daily prize.

The final stop on the tour is slated for Friday (Dec. 14), 2:30-4:30 p.m., on the east side of Seventh Avenue at 36th Street.