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INTX 2015: Visible World Targets the RDK

Advanced advertising company Visible World said it will use next week’s INTX show in Chicago to demo a household addressable TV ad application for a set-top running the Reference Design Kit (RDK), the preintegrated software stack for IP-capable set-top boxes and gateways.

Visible World, a company that’s rumored to be an acquisition target of Comcast, said the demo will show how the system can switch between video streams  in tandem with household-based addressable TV advertising. Visible World, an official noted, said the spots for the demo will be delivered via IP using the DOCSIS 3.0 model built into the RDK-based set-top. 

"RDK enables MVPDs to easily customize applications that can enhance viewer experience and serve as a powerful platform to accelerate the growth in deployment of Household Addressable TV Advertising,” Seth Haberman, founder and CEO of Visible  World, said in a statement. “Our new application makes TV advertising more relevant for viewers, as well as more valuable for advertisers and MVPDs."

“Visible World aims to leverage the advantages that the RDK provides in product development cycles and post-deployment in terms of speed to market and innovation,” added Gerrit Niemeijer, Visible World’s CTO.

RDK Management, a joint venture of Comcast, Time Warner Cable and Liberty Global, announced earlier this week that more than 220 companies, including a group of 25 made up of cable operators, telcos and satellite TV service providers, have licensed the Reference Design Kit. Those licensees also include a mix of CE manufacturers, chipmakers, software developers, and system integrators.